‘The Shower’


2D animated planets

Animations delivered around the figure of ‘Starless Alpha’ a pretty unique planet with weird day-night cycles.



Live model academic drawings pasted in circular order so the derived product looks like actual rotoscope animation. Just got to request permission to my art mates in order to submit their drawings and voilà: accidental and fresh animation.

This way you can see how far live drawing helps everyone reach pretty similar approaches. A great year for sure, and quite epileptic 😉

“Alive” 3D printed heart

Prototyping and quick trailer work of the 3D printed heart “Alive” part of the ‘media-lab’ subject imparted on the UPV (Valencia, Spain)
It features physical motion made possible with an arduino board and clockwork mechanisms.

/Software used/
For modelling: 3DS Max, Zbrush
For slicing/printing: Cura
Video editing: Adobe Premiere

Live footage/Trailer

Concept-pre production

Note that branding wasn’t required on this particular project  (just product design and programming) so it only features a space holding “Alive” prototype brand.


Some works as my current Art Direction role on the ‘Club del Videojuego UPV‘  – Videogame Club of the Technical University of Valencia, Spain.

We are a small group of good friends and partners who met at the UPV university and since then are connected via our passion for videogame development and our sense of the current lacking of public videogame studies in Spain. I managed to help at pixel-art / sprite developing and all graphic resources needed to promote the resulting product: our first indie game project called “DiNun Wars: Mellow’s adventure”
On the current promotion (2017-2018) I’m mainly focusing my help at art direction and assignment distribuitions between the entire art crew, which of course is formed of art students and game enthusiasts, in order to develop our new project, a metroidvania style game called “Aquerón”.

Trailer of “DiNunWars: Mellow’s Adventure”

Early character animation prototyping: the “Steroid-Rex”

Videogame Club poster illustration and design for the club’s current promotion advertising
My attempt at re-branding the club’s logo (lately become the actual brand)
/The old logo was a temporal mockup made by an arts student

1. Old logo clean-up (by me)






2. My personal approach and current brand.